How to start an essay June 7, 2019 June 7, 2019 Kay Steeves
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Do you still wonder how to write anessay on social studies? My answer is regular. As they say, even the longest way starts with a short step and, if you still did not dare to write a mini-composition, start immediately after reading my recommendations.

Open your topic as much as you can

Already in the firstsentence of the mini-essay, writer paper need to write about what the main idea was laid by the author in his statement and/or formulate a thesis in the context of the essay. For example, you can start an essay with the words: “The meaning of the sentence ….. I see is that …” or “The key thesis of the sentence ….., in my opinion, is …”, and then write what thoughts you have when interpreting the utterance. There are several basic ideas and/or theses in the statement. Formulate at least one, but do it right.

After all, a misunderstanding of the meaning of the statement evaluates all your essays on zeros. Therefore, compliance with this criterion is very important, and in preparing for the exam, you need to devote enough time to learn how to formulate judgments that reveal the meaning of the statement.

Theoretical content of mini-compositions

In a separate paragraph, begin the theoretical substantiation of the statement. To do this, think about what terms and provisions from the course of social science can be used for this statement. Think and create a conclusion.

Correctness of the use of concepts, theoretical propositions, reasoning and conclusions

The quality of the facts and examples.

In the next paragraph, you should illustrate the theoretical content of the mini-essay with examples and facts from public life or other educational subjects. Also, you canuse your personal social experience. The main thing is that your examples are not abstract, but concrete and necessarily full opened. There should be two examples. Well, if you run into the difficulty of selecting the appropriate example, do not get lost, simulate (create) it.

Write regularly (once or twice a week). For what? First, you will develop the skill of writing essays on the criteria. Secondly, you will type your own bank of the essay, and it is quite possiblethat you will be able to apply the already prepared mini-essay